dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

update 29.9.2010.

[ last update: 29.9.2010. ] is on the loose this days, taking snapshots with a soul grabbing camera... (...) he lived for many years under the roots of a big tree, sharing the place with two rabbits, never came out of his home, and stayed all day there writing stories (...) he tied a bunch of them with a string and called it the marzipan man stories. He found socializing difficult, so he became a puppeter (...) but one thing was missing: the puppets. He needed ones that could sing and dance. He found some. They are playing somewhere and trying to make sense of the lyrics while singin them.

the image on top is the background ilustration of "When Little Johanna Dances/Pine Box Rock 7" ", available in 7" vinyl/free download

la imatge de fons és la il-lustració de contraportada del primer single de "When Little Johanna Dances/Pine Box Rock 7" ", disponible en 7" vinyl/descàrrega gratuita

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