dimarts, 13 de gener de 2009

The Marzipan Man Stories (2007), The Marzipan Man Adventures (2011)

The Marzipan Man Adventures (2011)

1. The Start
2.I'm free afer all
4.When little Johanna Dances
5.Life goes on
6. Dirty and Rough
7.Dresden Dolls
8.The old man and the young man
9.Owen Ogre
10.The big bad wolf
11.Luve misspelt
12.A spirit

the marzipan man adventures is the second collection of songs harvested, collected and found in marzipan's random and not so random trips around the world. After escaping from a rock where he was locked for years and years, the marzipan man, some say, was seen walking the earth whistling a tune, hiding behind some bushes, crawling on the floor and doing the mashed potatoes, alligator.

it's on sale here:

it has a nice cover, with a 14 page story...

The Marzipan Man Man Stories (2007).

1.Take this wind as an advice of storms to come
3.Merry Prayer (Travelling song)
4.Buddy the Cat
5.The night reality met the dream
6.The Magik Ribbon
8.Dusk Hill
10.Crash Bandicott
11.Walking song
12.Billy the fox
13.The Creature on top of the fire place
14.No students turned up

recorded at the Silver Transporterraum studio, in Limehouse, London,
at Ben's Hut in Fulham, in Camden and at the Cicely Home Studios,

published by Primeros Pasitos.

10 pounds. postage included. includes a 14 page booklet. with drawings, lyrics, and spooky stuff.