dimecres, 14 de maig de 2008

Full Circle part II

"after talking with Pierre, the tree, we went inside Berthe, the van, and looked at the map,
the way to Paris is easy; is basically straight on"

"we found typical French pets;"

"and everything is so organized,
here there's a photo of Pierre's cousins, aunts and sisters-in-law;"

dijous, 8 de maig de 2008

Full Circle, part 1

A drunken pidgeon awoke me this morning carring this message;

"we're back to our favourite pirate island,
full circle,
here are the 1st part of the postcards that we should have sent;"

"there's a really nice view of France from Pierre, the tree"

"Jose took this photographs, after this, we went to Paris. (to be continued)"

dijous, 1 de maig de 2008


I'm reading this letter while returning from the Chestnut tree post office;
"Dear Marzipan Man, we are more or less healthy and sane on the tour you've tricked us to do, so far now its day seven.
there's some videos posted from the show in Heliogabal, Barcelona, in www.heliogabal.com and in youtube.com too".

"on our way to Paris we stopped in valleys in bloom and nearby ancient churces, because following your instructions we're skipping big motorways, yes the scenery is better, but we move very slowly. no sir we are not complaining. we climbed some trees too. we will post the pictures tomorrow".