dilluns, 10 de juny de 2013

Marzipan Man's third way

Right now the Marzipan Man is writing and recording new songs for a third album.

At this very moment, everything is about monkeys,
there's a song called "the monkeys are coming!",
 a video with plasticine monkeys, 
and here's a picture of a monkey, taken a month ago at the Bronx Zoo:

You have to be mad for not being mad about, you now, monkeys
and here's a live recording of a monkey song. About destructive / constructive monkeys from out of space, and this is the catalan sung version (with subtitles) performed April 7th at the "Teatre Mar i Terra" in Santa Catalina, Palma, Mallorca:

stay tuned

diumenge, 29 de juliol de 2012

Crash Bandicott Live in BCN

El vídeo a continuación es la proyección que se proyecta durante un concierto de la banda marzipana, el sonido el audio la musiquita es una versión en directo de "Crash Bandicott" que es una canción sobre un lobo que trabaja de broker en la City y un dia se despierta y le han puesto una etiqueta que pone rebajas en la frente (entre otras cosas):
the video you can see on the screen is the video we use for the projections of "Crash Bandicott" a song about a wolf who works as a broker in the City, in London, and one day awakes and finds himself with a discount sticker attached to his front. the sound comes from a live rendition of this song by the marzipan man ensamble, the band, oh, the myth

dijous, 22 de setembre de 2011

it's all about videos this days...

The marzipan man is on the road, disguised in various incarnations spinning spinning like a "baldufa". There are videos being made in the lab, this one is kinda the video script for two or three videos... some ideas thrown to the wall... some sticked and some not... let's post it anyway...

the music appeared and was played on a sofa, a time warp and portal in Girona, with a little amp, a keyboard that doesn't really work properly and something else. we don't really remember...

L'home de massapà està sempre a la carretera, disfressat i donant voltes i voltes com una baldufa. Té un laboratori on fa vídeos., i això més o menys, és un vídeo amb idees per dos i tres vídeos, si t'esforçes molt i t'ho imagines... idees llençades contra la paret... algunes s'han enganxat i d'altres no... penje-m'ho igualment a internet... 
la música del vídeo va apareixer tombat a un sofà... a una porta temporal que hi ha a Girona, amb un teclat romput un amplificador petit i d'altres coses que no recordam. Hi toquen tres tipos; el marzipan, el prehome indefinit i el jose domingo...

dimarts, 10 de maig de 2011

The Marzipan Adventures Video Scripts

video making...

the statue of liberty,

goin' east, outside Mallorca, prayin' and smiling,

inside an ashtray at the UN, (playing and smoking)

The concept for a video:

yes, we're doing concerts here and there, yes
but we're very very small, and nobody seems to notice us,
but we're right there playing
take a look,
yes we're there,
this is what's pictured in a video on the making,

this makes sense to some people and to us.

-here comes a promotional moment:-

After escaping from a rock where he was locked for years and years, the marzipan man, some say, was seen walking the earth whistling a tune, hiding behind some bushes, crawling on the floor and doing the mashed potatoes, alligator.

it's on sale here:

it has a nice cover, with a 14 page story...

dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

update 29.9.2010.

[ last update: 29.9.2010. ] is on the loose this days, taking snapshots with a soul grabbing camera... (...) he lived for many years under the roots of a big tree, sharing the place with two rabbits, never came out of his home, and stayed all day there writing stories (...) he tied a bunch of them with a string and called it the marzipan man stories. He found socializing difficult, so he became a puppeter (...) but one thing was missing: the puppets. He needed ones that could sing and dance. He found some. They are playing somewhere and trying to make sense of the lyrics while singin them.

the image on top is the background ilustration of "When Little Johanna Dances/Pine Box Rock 7" ", available in 7" vinyl/free download

la imatge de fons és la il-lustració de contraportada del primer single de "When Little Johanna Dances/Pine Box Rock 7" ", disponible en 7" vinyl/descàrrega gratuita

- Shop - Facebook - Myspace - Bandcamp - Primeros Pasitos -

divendres, 5 de novembre de 2010

dimarts, 27 de juliol de 2010

7" vinyl 45rpm 10/10/2010

When Little Johanna Dances/Pine Box Rock

is a 7 inches vinyl, that plays at 45 revolutions per minute,
and has a big hole in the middle.

You can buy it here; via paypal,

Johanna is a girl that's developing plenty and "uncamouflagable" female attributes,
and the moment some kids realise that,
is the moment she starts an impromtu dancing.

Next day, her dancing is the main topic talk in the school,
and maths levels/rates are droping proportionally,

lyrics (in english and catalan)

Why the hell are you so heavy with me?
I just wanna make you smile
and take you to heaven where everything commenced,
and the plot of this story was carefully designed

I Kiss your lips, I kiss your lips,
that's the recurring dream I always have

You're moving hips, you're swinging hips,
drive the flowers and the bees to a strike

You know I'm out of love,
so why you leave me here begging and on my knees?

Since little Johanna dances
all the kids drop their marks
for a party in her heart commenced
who can be bothered with which mark I get in maths?

Once upon a time, in a trance, in dreams,
you said baby, baby, please, come closer,
please, don't go

/ / /

Perquè dimonis ets tan dura amb jo?

només et vull fer somriure,

i durte al cel, on tot va començar,

i l'argument d'aquesta història va ser acuradament dissenyat.

Et beso als llavis,

et beso els llavis,

És el somni recurrent que sempre he tingut,

les teves caderes quan es mouen,

fan que les flors i les abelles es posin en vaga,

Desde que la Joana balla,

les notes han començat a devallar

Desde que en el seu cor ha començat una festa,

A qui li pot importar ja les mates i la ciència?

i saps que estic completament penjat per tu,

perquè em deixes aqui suplicant,

saps que estic complentament colat per tu,

perquè em deixes aqui suplicant,

de genolls.

Hi havia una vegada... en un somni,

en trànsit,

em vares dir;

estimat, no te'n vaguis, vine mes aprop,

per favor, no te'n vaguis...

dissabte, 9 de gener de 2010

All the pretty little horses

here's the cover played last year on Radiocassette,
a radio program on IB3 Ràdio,
there's many many covers of this song,
and, well,
there's not enough of them,
here's another one.

The lyrics are beautiful, its an old traditional song from an unknown author,
(at least that's what the wikipedia says).

we recorded 4 other songs that same day,
two of them from the marzipan man's first record,
and they've changed quite a bit playing 'em live,
some have vocals now and new lyrics:

Como prometía la anterior entrada de este diario,
aquí está la versión de "Todos los caballos pequeños" que solemos tocar en directo.
Según dice la wikipedia, es de autor desconocido, pero probablemente de una esclava del sur de los estados unidos cantando a un bebé a quien está cuidando.
La letra es muy bonita y hay un montón de versiones diferentes dando vueltas por el mundo.
También tocamos cuatro más, en el programa de radio "Radiocassette", en IB3, de Marcos Jávega; dos versiones mas y dos del primer disco del marzipan man,
que a base de rodarlas en directo han desarrollado nuevas partes y letras.
 Se tocan ya solas, casi.

dijous, 29 d’octubre de 2009

Halloween/Tots Sants song

During the "Adventures sessions", we are recording some covers,
here's one to celebrate Halloween, or Tots Sants,  winter's solstice? your birthday? whatever works...
you can share it or download it here in any format you want;

next will come a lullaby, 
"All the pretty little horses".

Esteim gravant versions, durant la gravació del disc i avui em penjat una cançó per celebrar Halloween, o si voleu Tots Sants. Tots Sants amb disfressa incorporada...
Vos la podeu descarregar i/o compartir en el format que volgueu... també té portada...
pròximament una cançó de bressol; "Tots els caballs petits".

Durante las sesiones del segundo disco, estamos grabando versiones, para probar cosas y tal... hoy toca una canción para celebrar que llega el invierno, durante el cual te puedes vestir un poco mejor (porque no sudas, etc). 
Próximamente una nana; "Todos los caballos pequeños".

dimarts, 20 d’octubre de 2009

En casa de Paco

Hoy y mañana salen en el periódico el Mundo, captadas por el Rádar del señor Pablo, dos canciones que tocamos en su casa, señor Paco. La primera se llama Hypnotized, "Hipnotizado/a/os/as", y la segunda Pine box Derby, aunque nosotros la llamamos Pine Box Rock (el rock de la caja de pino), del grupo Beat Happening, 
Aqui tienen al señor Harry Púter al djimbe, la señora Reina a la armónica y el señor Pollo a la guitarra;

Ah, mañana colgaremos la versión eléctrica de Pine Box Rock, 
que da mucho miedo y es muy rock (and roll);

Today and tomorrow, you can see in El Mundo/El Rádar, two songs we played in Paco the Antiquarian's house. We'll put here and on our myspace, the electric version of the second song, with Pichurra Verde on shaker, el Prehome on drums, Bat-Bagette on tambourine, Pollo on guitar and Morticia Adams on keyboards.

dimecres, 30 de setembre de 2009

Hunting for witches

Dear marzipan man,

we've been hunting for evil witches, 

summoning 'em with tunes,

(like you told us to do),

takin' photos of them and then dancing Beat Happening's "the Pine Box Rock",

we were caught more than once, and while brewing in a cauldron we found your lyrics, which were part of the brew. 

We are sending them to the man-that-draws, 

so soon we'll have your new stories printed and ready for being munched.

divendres, 26 de juny de 2009


Der Marzipan Man; / Benvolgut Home de Massapà;

Berlin its a great place for many reasons, / Berlin és un lloc fantàstic. Per moltes raons.

two of them are: / dues d'aquestes raons són:

 1. you can go and ask for spaghetti at 2 am in the morning, in a Café,

near a Tube station,

1.pots anar i demanar spagettis a les dues del matí, a un cafè, devora el metro,


2. trains arrive before its scheduled time,

so you nearly feel like paying the train fare.

2.els temps arriben abans de l'hora prevista, així que fa quasi ganes pagar el tiquet

We've made a lot of new friends, / em fet molts d'amics,

two of them are: / dos d'ells son:

1. Tiba, the male dog who is confused with its female name,

1.Tiba, el ca confòs per tenir nome de cussa.

and 2. Michael Heart, who took lots of photographs (like the one above and the one downstairs) and made us climb, jump and fight; 

i 2. En Michael Heart, que ens va fer moltes fotos (les que hi han amunt i devall d'aquest missatge) i ens va fer saltar, escalar i lluitar.


to communicate we use a horn now; its more than enough

ara, per comunicar-mos, utilitzem una botzina; n'hi ha mes que suficient

dilluns, 2 de març de 2009


Aquí estamos, los dos personajes del dibujo de mas abajo, intentando salir de un laberinto, la canción hace referencia a alguien que está en el cielo, aburriéndose un montón y pensando que si tuviera otra oportunidad, no se quejaría tanto durante su vida en la Tierra, donde, más o menos, era libre, 
los de Videotapas nos gravaron en el Laberint d'Horta, que representa todo lo que rodea la muerte, resurrección, ciclo vital, etc... hay también, al lado del laberinto, un jardín que hace referencia al amor, pero eso ya saldrá en otra videotapa, si nos adoptan, (los de videotapas), para otra canción... este es un vídeo doble, dos tomas de la misma canción, la segunda toma es en encima de unas ruedas de neumático donde hacemos el mono, etc.... 

dijous, 19 de febrer de 2009

Marzipan duo

our friend Gerard is all day drawing,
and he draw this during our last show in Barcelona,
he puts a crown on top of the people he likes,
we love you too!

el nostre amic Gerard es passa el dia dibuixant,
i va dibuixar això durant el nostre darrer concert a Barcelona,
i posa una corona damunt la gent que li agrada,
nosaltres tambè t'estimem!

em gravat molts vídeos i podcasts i fotos i cintes dels darrers concerts a Madrid i Barcelona en format duo i ho esteim editant, i anam poc a poc i després ho penjarem...
també hi ha un parell de links amb ressenyes i crítiques i actuacions a la ràdio al myspace,

Tenemos cintas y vídeos y fotos de los últimos conciertos en Madrid y Barcelona, en formato dúo, y lo estamos editando poco a poco y luego lo colgaremos y también hay un par de links con críticas y reseñas y conciertos acústicos en la radio en el myspace.


dimarts, 13 de gener de 2009

The Marzipan Man Stories (2007), The Marzipan Man Adventures (2011)

The Marzipan Man Adventures (2011)

1. The Start
2.I'm free afer all
4.When little Johanna Dances
5.Life goes on
6. Dirty and Rough
7.Dresden Dolls
8.The old man and the young man
9.Owen Ogre
10.The big bad wolf
11.Luve misspelt
12.A spirit

the marzipan man adventures is the second collection of songs harvested, collected and found in marzipan's random and not so random trips around the world. After escaping from a rock where he was locked for years and years, the marzipan man, some say, was seen walking the earth whistling a tune, hiding behind some bushes, crawling on the floor and doing the mashed potatoes, alligator.

it's on sale here:

it has a nice cover, with a 14 page story...

The Marzipan Man Man Stories (2007).

1.Take this wind as an advice of storms to come
3.Merry Prayer (Travelling song)
4.Buddy the Cat
5.The night reality met the dream
6.The Magik Ribbon
8.Dusk Hill
10.Crash Bandicott
11.Walking song
12.Billy the fox
13.The Creature on top of the fire place
14.No students turned up

recorded at the Silver Transporterraum studio, in Limehouse, London,
at Ben's Hut in Fulham, in Camden and at the Cicely Home Studios,

published by Primeros Pasitos.

10 pounds. postage included. includes a 14 page booklet. with drawings, lyrics, and spooky stuff.

dimarts, 30 de desembre de 2008

La casa del sol naixent

Dia 5 de Gener tocam, de nit, al Passeig Marítim, a n'es Cultura Club 2, és a dir, a l'esquerra del Cultura Club, (si deixes la mar darrera teu), a n'es Club Caramelos. El mes adequat per una nit com aquesta seria tocar això;

We're playing, the 5th, at The Caramelos Club, which is (was?) usually a striphouse, so we should be playing something like that;

dilluns, 22 de desembre de 2008


Tocamos en Donosti en el Bukowsky y molaría si alguien simpático y majete nos pudiera enviar una foto de cuando estábamos haciendo el mono.
La colgaríamos aquí: 
                                      |                           |
                                      |                           |
                                      |                           |
Hacer el mono nos gusta. Nos recuerda a cuando éramos jóvenes, hace millones de años,
Vivíamos felices encima de los arboles y solo nos dieron una voz a cambio para que nos bajásemos. Algunos no vienen de los monos sino de la arcilla etc etc, ese es otro tema. Nosotros, de los monos.

El dia antes dormimos en un hotel-gimnasio-instituto. En Durango era el ultimo día de escuela y estaban todos los chicos y chicas bebiendo sidra a costa del Instituto. Eso es un Instituto molón.
Una chica muy simpática nos dio una hoja con letras y acordes, con este título;


El señor Serious Moustache, que es nuestro mánager psicodélico, nos dijo que probablemente Hasteko abestiak significaba algo parecido a las canciones de las bestias, y con el rollo patatero que llevamos con las fábulas nos pareció fantástico.
Una chica nos dijo, ala!, sois unos bestias! eso significa las canciones de empezar... Me temo que vamos a repetir curso a este paso. Y ya van tres. Un chico muy amable nos prometió partituras con notas musicales y tempos y claves etc etc. Nosotros las sabemos leer muy muy poco a poco y probablemente y normalmente leemos una cosa no parecida del todo a la realidad. Pero sin errores no se aprende...

En Durango comimos alubias muy buenas. Un señor nos dio castañas. Porque Pichurra Verde las miraba fijamente. Y es una chica. Y eso le mola al señor de las castañas. Y las chicas ya se sabe, si quieren, tienen super poderes.

En Durango y en Donosti seguimos nuestra campaña de promoción turística Mallorquina; "con Mallorka, una sonrisa" "Mallorca es tan tan grande que no cabe dentro del mundo" etc etc.
Merecemos una subvención.

dijous, 18 de desembre de 2008

Ongi Etorri!

Avui tocam a Durango,

today we're playing in Durango,

this is a beautiful drawing we've found on a Durango wall

dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2008

traveling light

We are flying over the sea,
 to Tarragona,
 and then over land to Durango and Donosti, 
this is a lot of moving to do, so we're traveling light, taking only small instruments; the beautiful charango, the kazoo, the bicycle horn, blah blah blah, etcetera etcetera.

 As usual, we have some aerial pictures and maps from the place where we'll be landing,
we need;
1st, a hiding place for our instruments 
2nd, a good observation post to watch, listen, and steal tunes from the birds; 

-We are going to do this to follow one of the ten commandaments for guitarist, preached by Captain Beefheart:-

 1st Commandment; listen to the birds, birds know everything about how it should sound and where the sound should come from. And watch hummingbirds. They fly fast, but a lot of times they aren't going anywhere.

(We are a little bit scared because of the second commandment):

2nd Commandment; Your guitar is not a guitar, is a divining rod, use it to find spirits in the other world and bring them over,  a guitar is also a fishing rod. If you're good, you'll land a big one.

(and specially because of this;)

3rd; Old delta blues player referred to amplifiers as "the devil box". and they were right. You have to be an equal opportunity employer in terms of who you're bringing over from the other side. Electricity attracts demons and devils. Other instruments attract other spirits. An acoustic guitar attracts Casper. A mandolin attracts Wendy. But an electric guitar attracts Beelzebub.

This time only Casper and Wendy are gonna come. (we are playing acoustic shows) We're getting ready to deal with the devil himself next year. 
(this picture is from a devil that lives in Lekeitio, Bizkaia)

Anirem volant damunt la mar cap a Tarragona, i després damunt terra cap a Durango i Donosti. Això es molt de moviment per fer, així que esteim viatjant lleuger i només em agafat instruments petits; el charango, un kazoo, un clàxon de bicicleta, una maraca-ou, un djimbe tamany pot de cafè i uns 14 o 15 cacharros mes. Seguim essent uns escarabats piloters però no tant un camió de mudançes...


dimecres, 19 de novembre de 2008


The second marzipan man record is being cooked,
You'll find there explained what happened when, finally, the marzipan man left his hole and went on an adventure taking photos with his soul-caption camera.
He's superstitious about being photographed himself,
but he loves being drawed, 
particularly by Rafael Adrover, 
who painted this picture on the top.

El segon disc de l'home de massapà està en marxa,
en ell s'explica que es el que va passar el dia que va sortir del seu cau i se'n va anar d'aventures i a fer fotos amb la seva càmera capta-ànimes,
l'home de massapà es supersticiós, sobre això de ser fotografiat,
i només es deixa dibuixar,
li agrada especialment quan el dibuixa mister Rafael Adrover (com aquí dalt)

dijous, 16 d’octubre de 2008

BBC club

"We are in London, mr Marzipan, 150 miles or so from where you live, doing some shows and playing your songs,
this was last tuesday,
at the BBC club, at the BBC, in Great Portland Street;"

"Following your instructions, we´re now using x-ray photographs as a musical instrument. When are you gonna send us a Triangle and a violin girl player?"

[press here for better image quality]

"Esteim a Londres, home de massapà, a 150 milles d'on vius, fent concerts i tocant les teves cançons,
el video és de passat dimarts,
al BBC club, a la BBC, al carrer Great Portland.
Segint les teves ordres, ara utilitzem una radiografia com a instrument musical. Quan ens enviaràs un triangle i una violinista?

dissabte, 4 d’octubre de 2008

Full Circle 3

Luko took this photograph, before goin' to the "Germandat" tour,
later known as the "Pillats" tour.

Where, among other things, el Prehome dissapeared inside a bathroom, while Josepitu and le Poulet, after 6 tequila shots, realized they could play drums. a-ma-zin-gly-well. after, they totally crashed and Emma-bat picked up the pieces. Then feed them with the best sandwich ever.

The day after, Hungover told us we play percussion like shit,
and that the sandwich had disgusting cream cheese.

Sundanese-Gamelan music is perfect van-hangover music;


A la foto feta per en Lukito-xaval, en blanc i negre, els quatre elements de la gira Germandat, després coneguda com la gira "Pillats", on entre altres coses, el Prehome va desaparèixer dins un wàter, le Poulet i en Joselito vàren descobrir que amb sis tequiles seguits podien tocar la bateria-de-puta-mare (mentida) i els entrepans de formatge de n'Emmanuelle-rata-pinyada son els millors. (son en realitat de formatge cremós-fastigós).
La millor música per la furgo-resaca és la música Sundanesa-Gamelan.

diumenge, 28 de setembre de 2008

*Secret Show/Mariachis

Last Friday we played in Valladolid, Marzipan Man. It was a secret show, organized by Colectivo Laika. It’s called invisible concerts. Nobody in the audience knows who is going to play before the show.
It was really good, thanks a lot! The food was good. The hotel was good. The sound was good. The ceiling was close to our heads and so where the walls. And there were a lot of people and it was sweaty and we played loud and quiet. Funnnn

Laika was a stray dog, a vagabond in the streets of Moscow, she was a loving and intelligent dog and her story is a little bit sad. But she was the first astronaut. Respect!


On Saturday, we cooked a show in Bocados Pop (Pop Bites), which is located in Hortalezas [Vegetables (more or less, 75% translation)]
we where hungry after watching people munching' the Marzipan's and Alondra's and Brian's music.
So we went and had some Mexican food after the show. Sort of. Pichurra verde (who plays the kazoo and the horn and paints most of the pictures-on-the-back-when-we-play) petitioned "La de la mochila azul" to the mariachis, and they sang.
It was an intense and emotive moment.
Oh yes we love cheesy things so much.

The lyrics are great;

Que te pasa chiquillo
que te pasa
me dicen en la escuela
y me preguntan en mi casa
Y hasta ahora lo supe de repente
cuando oi pasar la lista
y ella no estuvo presente

La de la mochila azul,
la de ojitos dormilones,
me dejó gran inquietud
y bajas calificaciones
ni al recreo quiero salir
no me divierto con nada
no puedo leer ni escribir
me hace falta su mirada

De recuerdo me quedan
sus colores
dos hojas
del cuaderno
dice amores
entre borrones
yo quisiera
mirarla en su pupitre
por que si ella ya no vuelve
mi salón será muy triste

La de la mochila azul
la de ojitos dormilones
me dejó gran inquietud
y bajas calificaciones
ni al recreo quiero salir
no me divierto con nada
no puedo leer ni escribir
me hace falta su mirada

la de la mochila azul
la de ojitos dormilones

*El pasado viernes tocamos en Valladolid, hombre de mazapán, en un Concierto Invisible, organizado por el colectivo Laika, son conciertos secretos, donde nadie sabe quien va a tocar antes de que empiece el concierto, estuvo la mar de bien, muchas gracias!
La comida buena, el hotel también y el sonido? Buenooo. El techo y las paredes estavan muy cerca y estava lleno de gente y sudamos y tocamos fuerte y suave. Diversiónnn.
Laika era una perra vagabunda que vivia en las calles de Moscú. Era una perra cariñosa y amable. Su historia es un poco triste. Pero fue la primera astronauta. Un respeto!

El sábado cocinamos un concierto en Bocados Pop, conciertos buenos y gratis en un auditorio en el barrio de Hortalezas,
Teníamos hambre después de ver a la gente masticar durante los tres conciertos,
Así que fuimos a comer comida mejicana, mas o menos. Pichurra Verde (que toca la bocina y el kazoo y pinta la mayor parte de los acuarelas que están detrás mientras tocamos) les pidió que tocaran “la de la mochila azul”. Fue un momento intenso y emotivo.

Somos un poco moñas, la verdad.

dimecres, 3 de setembre de 2008

the hairball & the big bad wolf

Jim, a friend of mine,
used to live inside a book called "the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

he has a hairball that talks,
that is;
you give him pennies,
and the hairball talks,
and its gonna translate this:

Marzipan Man я послушал совсем незадолго до фестиваля и очень хотел их увидеть. У них всего одна пластинка 2007 года, да и та какая-то совсем неизвестная и, здесь это слово действительно к месту, ужасно недооцененная. Сказочный, почти что мультипликационный фолк, сыгранный на множестве странных и игрушечных инструментах и смешанный с небольшой долей электроники. На концерте все было просто изумительно – даже если бы они играли не слишком хорошую музыку, на ребят из Marzipan Man было бы просто приятно смотреть. На них пришло смотреть максимум человек 80, для группы это судя по всему один из первых фестивалей, поэтому вели они себя крайне расковано – все время улыбались друг другу, шутили, в конце концов просто устроили на сцене игру «не дай арфистке добраться до инструмента». По-моему я еще никогда не видел, чтобы люди в группе с такой любовью относились друг к другу, и смотреть на это так же приятно, как и на выкладывающихся по полной музыкантов.

its in Russian and talks about Benicassim. this I know. I guess it says nice things.*

another thing,
been diggin' in the ground and fishin' on the river for new songs; here there are some lines from one,
its called the story of the big bad wolf.

this is the story of the big bad worlf, who lives in every soul, and curses the lonely night, which left him forever in blue,
this is the story of the big bad wolf, who hunters fear, and envy,
and if you try to slit his throat, he will not die or bleed...


*En Jim, un amic meu, té una bola de pèl,
si li dones un parell de monedes,
la bola et diu el futur.
Li he donat cinc monedes, de diferents països, que he trobat pel bosc,
i m´està traduint el missatge en rus que hi ha aqui dalt,
És una crítica del concert de Benicàssim que varen fer els abduïts membres del marzipan ensamble.
esper que digui coses maques,
sinó pam pam al culet del ensamble.

dijous, 24 de juliol de 2008

* You've got to move/Giant Lantern

my abduced boys and girls keep saying to me that I should have holidays, leave my house in the hole, under the tree, and move either to a summer house, south of where I live, or go the moon. they send me books telling me this is possible;

The moon looks cold and lonely. Don't know. Don't know. Don't know if I should move there. I need a giant lantern. There's no electricity here where I live. We haven't invented it yet. We use worms. The kind that glow. You put 'em inside a tube with a crystal lens; a Giant Lantern. I have a friend living there, on the moon. I'll send him some signals. To see if can stay there for a week or so.

but there's a very disturbing mole around who's been eating some glowing worms. and I need lots of glowing worms to have a light beam strong enough. the moon is quite faraway.

Another thing; the kids have been playing south, in the village of Benicassim;

some of them had sun exposure problems. too much sun is bad... they went to festival and camped for four days. and they had free drinks. a complicated combination.

*els meus abduïts seguidors, nois i noies, al.lots i al.lotetes que formen la banda de massapà diuen que hauria de sortir de la meva casa dins el forat, devall de l’arbre, i anar-me de vacances. A una casa d’estiu que m’han trobat, tot avall, cap al sud d’on jo visc o anar directament a la lluna.

M’han regalat un llibre per explicar-me que això darrer és possible. [foto de la Terra a la Lluna]

La lluna té un aspecte fred i solitari, no ho sé no sé, no ho veig clar. Neccesit una llanterna gegant. No hi ha electricitat aquí on jo visc. Encara no sabem fer-ne. Aixi que em de reunir cucs. Dels que brillen. I ficar-los dins un tub amb un vidre. (Llanterna gegant). Tinc un amic que viu a la lluna, i li faré senyals per saber si puc estar-hi un dia o dos.

divendres, 13 de juny de 2008

summer house

*we´ve found a summer house for you, marzipan man:

*em trobat una casa d'estiu per a tu, home de massapà

dimecres, 14 de maig de 2008

Full Circle part II

"after talking with Pierre, the tree, we went inside Berthe, the van, and looked at the map,
the way to Paris is easy; is basically straight on"

"we found typical French pets;"

"and everything is so organized,
here there's a photo of Pierre's cousins, aunts and sisters-in-law;"

dijous, 8 de maig de 2008

Full Circle, part 1

A drunken pidgeon awoke me this morning carring this message;

"we're back to our favourite pirate island,
full circle,
here are the 1st part of the postcards that we should have sent;"

"there's a really nice view of France from Pierre, the tree"

"Jose took this photographs, after this, we went to Paris. (to be continued)"

dijous, 1 de maig de 2008


I'm reading this letter while returning from the Chestnut tree post office;
"Dear Marzipan Man, we are more or less healthy and sane on the tour you've tricked us to do, so far now its day seven.
there's some videos posted from the show in Heliogabal, Barcelona, in www.heliogabal.com and in youtube.com too".

"on our way to Paris we stopped in valleys in bloom and nearby ancient churces, because following your instructions we're skipping big motorways, yes the scenery is better, but we move very slowly. no sir we are not complaining. we climbed some trees too. we will post the pictures tomorrow".

dimecres, 16 d’abril de 2008

Hello world!

The Marzipan man speaking;
busy busy watering the plants and writing new stories,
four of my abduced followers are starting a two week tour, the Suicidal-Germandat tour; featuring Emmanuelle Bat, el Prehome Indefinit, Josepitu Sunday and Jordi Poulet

L’Orquestra de l'Home de Massapà, formada aquesta vegada per Emmanuelle Rata-Pinyada, el Prehome Indefinit, Jordi Pollo i Josep Diumenge, comença una gira de dues setmanes que passarà per Girona dijous 24 i per BCN divendres 25 i acabarà, despres de passar per Bèlgica, a Paris dia 5…

To be continued…

dilluns, 1 de gener de 2001


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